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Digital Artists

Paige Pooler (cartoon)
Cathleen McAllister (children's illus.)
Thibaud Pourplanche (children's illus.)
Gediminas Pranckevičius (surreal)
Anna Surgan (renaissance style)
Martina Fačková (fantasy)
Artem Demura (dark fantasy)
Yuri Hill (dark fantasy)
Luis Royo & Romulo Royo (sensual)
Amatiz (semi-realistic anime)
Justine Florentino (portraits of women)
Lin Huang (portraits of women)
Hou China (characters)
Deiv Calviz (illustrations)
Filip Štorch (concept art)
Gonzalo Pereira (funny creatures)
Brent Hollowell (creatures)
Nikolai Litvinenko (paleo art)
Matt Dixon (robot art)
John Wallin Liberto (sci-fi)
Goro Fujita (animations)

More Digital Art

Environment Concepts by Michal Kus
Lineage Eternal by Erak note
Lacia Fanart by Huifeng Huang
fRame_W by Piotr Rusnarczyk
Queen by Anima 08
Candle Girl by Antonio Mello
Organic Numbers by TAVO
Rabbit & Mouse by J. Won Han

My Favorite Art Images

Alchemist by Igor Grechanyi
Black Halo by Martina Fačková
Vainglory by Mushk Rizvi

Fashion Photographers

Gavin O'Neill
Lenka Ulrichova
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Mario Testino
Giampaolo Sgura
Raphael Mazzucco
Benjamin Kanarek


PNGOUT (reduces PNG file size)
TweakPNG (edits PNG info)
Bad Peggy (finds damaged images)


Stack Overflow (Q&A site for coders)
Color Models
sRGB Color Space
Color Space Conversion Formulas
Reference White
What is White Noise?
Derivatives and Noise
Physical Meaning of the Laplacian
Presenting Measurement Results
Rounding Values & Uncertainties
Agreement Analysis
How Does Science Really Work?


Yuji Oshimoto ('04' fonts)
Article: Elegance of Imperfection
PRAD (Monitor Reviews)