MilP's Image Galleries 7.0 Launched
News and Changes

- the most simple design ever created by me
- fully based on CSS (no images)
- inspired by simplicity of Movable Type publishing system

- based on XHTML and PHP (no javascript)
- source code much shorter and cleaner now
- contact form now correctly transfer latin2 characters
- optimised for latest IE, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser

- new image in Art Gallery entitled Wasp
- --//-- Evil Takes a Human Form
- --//-- Resting
- --//-- Hide and Seek
- some images in jpeg file format were replaced with lossless png files
- photoshop actions temporarily removed, a complete set is on the way but I need more time to prepare the final release

Special Thanks
- maniac (admin)

Posted 11/23/2004 - 9:12 PM GMT

Design code name: umbrella-20050606; XHTML