MilP's Image Galleries 7.2: “Old face, new body”

New version of the Web site. Graphic design preserved; page completely rewritten into HTML5. New PHP, HTML5 and CSS code.


  • When viewing pictures, the top bar shows the timeline of their creation.
  • Added a detailed explanation of what Photoshop Actions are and how to run them.


  • The list of frequently asked questions has been expanded.
  • Skins have been tested for compatibility with the software for which they are intended. A supported version of the software is listed.
  • Skin changelogs have been rewritten in a clearer form.
  • Photoshop Actions now link directly to ATN files and not ZIP files. Therefore, their installation is faster.
  • Lots of minor changes and improvements.


  • Although there is a newer version of 'Min' skin for XnView, I forgot to publish it on the page.
  • The Web site is not specifically designed for small-screen mobile devices (the layout of objects on the page does not change). However, I did basic optimization for high DPI displays (increasing font size) and touch screens (increasing link spacing). This optimization will take effect automatically on those displays.

Looking to the future:

  • Only a small part of what I have created is displayed on this Web site. I very much hope that someday I will have time to put everything I have created together and make it public. Maybe on a new page. That is my plan.

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