Changes to the Web site


  • the Web site is now valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • UI improvements; font size increased
  • better compatibility between IE/Opera AND Firefox
  • remote web counter account canceled due to inaccurate statistics and a few seconds delay until the front page was loaded
  • programmed simple but extremely fast (1.E-03 sec) and clean php counter
  • new Web counter significantly speeds up the front-page loading process


  • early design of RadLight player skin (Posted on January 2, 2005, at the RadLight community forums)
  • Photoshop actions are back (Gfx > Miscellaneous > Actions)
  • new action entitled Surgeon
  • significant changes in Losing Control action script to provide much more impressive output
  • small changes in rest of the actions, but there is no need to re-download them
  • my bachelor's thesis about Positron emission tomography is back (About > See Papers)

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